Nearly all our services are centered around lifestyle coaching. A lifestyle coach is more than a personal trainer. We train with you, give you advice and support you when necessary. Using the right training methods, intensity and applying the correct technique will increase the effectiveness of your workouts and thereby dramatically improve your performance. It's the details lead to success, unfortunately those are often overlooked. Our coaches have the experience, expertise and the enthusiasm to take you to the next level.


When working out, are you really flexing your muscles or flexing your mind? A good lifestyle coach is also a mental coach. Mental coaching is more than just encouraging and motivating. Do you mentally prepare for a workout? Are you struggling with your diet? How do you deal with pain, setbacks and other adverse circumstances? Where do you stand in your personal evolution and in your evolution as an athlete? And there is much more that comes into play. Even something seemingly as simple as an inspirational quote can help you push through and we absolutely love those!


Mental, lifestyle and diet coaching sessions can be done both on and off-line. When you are on a business trip or a well deserved holiday, it can be difficult to keep up your training and diet regime. Your routine is different and you might not have a gym at your disposal. You’d be surprised about how much you can do with very little means and our support. What if you are at home and have any questions, doubts or just want to share something with us? You really shouldn't have to wait untill your next live session.


The type of food and the quantity that you eat and drink have a major impact on your overall health, hormonal balance and emotional state. Our coaches have the expertise on this topic and can help you in the right direction. But if you want to optimize the effectiveness of your training efforts and ensure a lasting positive change in your lifestyle, then a personal nutrition program highly recommended. These programs are created for you by an independent nutritional consultant/diet coach whom we partner with. She looks at your body composition, goals and personality, after all every individual is unique and not all diets are equally suitable and effective for everyone.


If you are overweight or just think you could lose a couple of pounds, it can feel like quite a challenge to do something about it. There are so many diets and training programs available that it can get very confusing. Instead of jumping around between every (well meant) advice, Together we will find a solution that feels right for you and help you stick to it. We will support you in every way. Not only do we have great coaches but also partner with great nutritional experts. They give detailed advice and will help you find a diet that is sustainable and that suits your physique as well as your personality.


There are a lot of misconceptions about weight training for women, correctly integrated into your overall training program it brings tremendous benefits. When dieting to lose body fat there is the risk that you will lose a lot of muscle mass as well. So you will get thin instead of getting the shape desired. Doing (functional) weight training regularly will help you maintain your muscle mass and improve your shape. On top of that it also has a positive impact on your metabolism and hormonal balance thus maximizing your nutritional efforts. Don’t worry, you will not turn into the next 'Arnie' overnight you need testosterone for that.


Easy you might say, just put on your shoes and run like crazy. Well it’s not as simple as that even if running is your ‘thing’. What is most effective? Are you using the right equipment. How do you avoid injuries? There are proven schedules available to get the most out of your running. What if you don’t like running or you are unable to due to injury or otherwise? There are many alternatives available that are great fun and equally as effective.


The days of just training abs are over. Nowadays we focus on our total core which includes all the abdominal muscles, muscles supporting the spine and even the hip flexors. A complex system of muscles that interact with each other and helps us to keep upright, move around and keep our balance. Every force that is applied to the extremities is passed through your core, whether standing up, lying down or sitting. Increased core strength and balance improvement are extremely important in enhancing your performance and preventing injuries.


A snowboarder moves very differently than a tennis player or golfer, off course you say. These athletes should also train differently to support their performance. Whether you want to gain strength, explosive power, stamina, balance or flexibility. All can dramatically improve your performance, regardless of what you do. That’s why all professional athletes do some some form of exercise program next to their regular training.


Injuries are best avoided, but nearly everyone sooner or later is confronted with some type of injury and a subsequent recovery program. Whether the cause is sports, accidental or a surgical procedure, you most likely want to be without pain, get back to full functionality and get to your old level of
performance as soon as possible. A good physician and physical therapist play a vital part in this, and we partner with those. But what about after their treatment is finished? It can be hard to be disciplined enough to keep on doing the right exercises to aid your recovery. Finding the right balance between being active and resting is crucial. You do not want to exert yourself during your recovery and set you back perhaps even further. Together we will get you up to speed. We will guide you and support you in this sometimes very challenging period.


Running correctly and effective is not as simple as you might think. Are you using the right technique and intensity level? Do you incorporate intervals in your training schedule? Are you using the right equipment. Our coaches know all the ins and outs, the tips and the tricks to make your runs much more effective. Even if you’re an experienced runner a running coach can be of great value.


Offering you one or more services and/or the hire of a Coach for your company, health club or yourself is also possible. Whether this is for a longer or a short period, we can provide you with a suitable solution.

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