Success can mean many things to many individuals, but ultimately it is the fulfillment of your own personal goals. Whether it is running that marathon, finally getting rid of that exces weight and keeping it off, or just having a great workout twice a week and feeling re-energized. We see it as our duty to help you succeed. After all, your success helps many people and your failure helps no one!


Training smart is equally as important as training hard. Training smart sounds nice, but what does it actually mean? It means working together with you on motion, nutrition and your mindset. It means paying attention to those very important but often overlooked details, improving your technique, focus and preparation. But it also means partnering with the best professionals in the the field of sports medicine and nutrition. All in all making your workout far more effective and making each session count!


Any truly successful health program that brings about lasting change and maximizes results should work on three elements: Motion, Mindset and Nutrition. We take our own approach at this. Creating customized training programs and nutritional advice tuned to your goals, needs and your unique personality. All in order for you to achieve the best possible results and your own personal success.

Very obvious you might think. But there can be many means to an end. Nowadays there is a such a wide variety of methods and programs available, making the right choices and applying them correctly is not as easy as it might seem. We will create an exercise program for you that is challenging and effective. We use both the most modern and proven methods whether it be a HIT workout, balance training, training on sheer strength or a mix of different methods. We look at your specific situation and align the subsequent training program.

Your total mindset is ultimately what drives you and is the deciding factor in your success. It's much more than just motivation. But motivation itself is a subject very view people actually understand. You can break down motivation in three components: Your goal, you have to have a clear goal in order to achieve it. Second: the desire, the amount of desire is key because it dictates what you are willing to do to achieve your goal. And third: the underlying reason, why do you want to achieve it? We will help you define clear and realistic goals, find out what actually drives you, so you can be successful.

Mind you, many other factors come into play. A subtle shift in your total mindset and focus can lead to a more fun, more effective and ultimately to a more rewarding experience. It could be something as simple as an inspirational quote and we absolutely love those!

When people approach me and ask me how much time I spend training. I often jokingly reply: “Not really that much, I spend more time in the kitchen than I do in the gym” And they look at me in disbelief, but it’s absolutely true. Do not underestimate this. Although hard to put in exact numbers we can state that nutrition and your total lifestyle attributes to about 2/3 of your results and training only about a 1/3. But what about mindset you might say? That is underlying and really drives you to work on the other factors.

It is a fact that the type of food and the quantity that you eat and drink have a major impact on your overall health, hormonal balance and emotional state. Our coaches have the expertise on this topic and can help you in the right direction. But if you want to optimize the effectiveness of your training efforts and ensure a lasting positive change in your lifestyle, then a personal nutrition program highly recommended. These programs are created for you by an independent nutritional consultant / diet coach whom we partner with.


We want to put an end to the myth that you have to suffer in to be successful in achieving your goals. Isn’t there any hard work involved then? Yes sure there is, it doesn’t happen magically. But why can’t you have fun and make it an enjoyable experience at the same time? Our coaches are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do and want to inspire you. But at the same time they’re just great people to be around and have an amazing time with!


Our coaches can come to your home or your place of work. This not only saves you precious time, but it also gives you a perhaps much needed break from your daily routine and lets you re-energize. How about training outdoors? You’ll be absolutely amazed what can be achieved with very little or even no means at all. Should you desire to or if your goals warrant professional gym equipment of course we can provide that for you, we partner with a select number of health clubs

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"Make your workout count, train smart not just hard!"