FitbyDesign is a select team of passionate female coaches, that is dedicated to improve modern women’s health in a refreshing and unique way.
Our health programs work on three elements: Motion, Mindset and Nutrition. And sure we do an excellent job at that. But ultimately all methods are
just a means to an end. You are the deciding factor in achieving your own personal success, that's why our coaches put you at the center of attention.

“You give your best in daily live so we think it’s only fair you get the best. We have the best coaches in the
business en we partner with nutritional consultants, top physical therapists and physicians who specialize in athletes”


We provide customized training programs and nutritional advice that fit your current physical fitness level and your personal goals. We will find you a great coach within our team who has the experience and skills that best suit your goals, on top of that we try to make the best match in terms of personality as well. Whether you are preparing for a marathon, do full on hard-core weight training, or if you just want to go out there with friends or co-workers and have a great time. We are here to help you succeed and for you to have the experience of a lifetime!


 Women nowadays lead demanding lives, often times juggling between a career, family and a busy social life. Work out time can be hard to fit in your schedule. Your time is valuable. So you want to make your workout count. That’s why training smart is equally as important as training hard.


Our coaches can come to your home or your place of work. This not only saves you precious time, but it also gives you a perhaps much needed break from your daily routine and lets you re-energize.


We want you to enjoy the process and have a blast working with us. Our coaches are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do and want to inspire you. But at the same time they’re just great people to be around and have an amazing time with.


The services FitbyDesign offers include, but are not limited to the following: lifestyle and mental coaching both on and off-line, nutritional consultation, long and short term assignments are also possible. Whatever your goal is, we are confident we have a solution that fits you. For a comprehensive overview and detailed explanation of all that we offer, please check out our services page. Or alternatively, if you feel you are ready to make lasting that change in your lifestyle and you just want to get started today, you can find pricing details, great package deals and special offers here.

“We started FitbyDesign because we love what we do and we know that feeling physically fit and being in
control of your own body is tremendously empowering and can have a profound effect on every aspect of your life”


We have teamed up with dietitians, top physical therapists and physicians who specialize in athletes. This is part of our philosophy of a highly individualized and specialized approach. If your goals warrant professional gym equipment of course we can provide that for you, we have the facilities of a select number of health clubs at our disposal. Before you start working with us we always advise to have a medical check-up with one of our partners regardless of your age and/or current fitness level.


Rebecca de Boer

“In my line of work I always have to be on point. FitbyDesign understands this and they have helped me to find the right balance between nutrition and workout. No generic workout program or diet but actually creating a plan that fits you. I get much more out of my workouts and this motivates me tremendously. They understand your goals and needs and work with you to maximize results”

Dewi Reijs

“Working out has never been something I really liked to do, but i want to stay fit and in shape. The coaches from FitbyDesign make the experience enjoyable. The workouts are very diverse and I am always surprised with what they come up with. Now I am actually looking forward to train!”

Jessica Overeem

“Running my own business and having a family sometimes makes it hard to find the time to work out. The FitbyDesign coaches actually come to my place of work. This gives me the opportunity to go outside and enjoy a fabulous workout or a run in a nearby park. No need to go to an overcrowded gym in the evening when I have obligations or want to spend time with my family or friends”

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"Make your workout count, train smart not just hard!"